Training? I don’t need no stinkin’ training…

WTF??  What happened to the “He-Man, Master of the Universe”?  I’ll tell you what happened, he got fat, old and outta shape!

And this is scary for a number of reasons; the climbs we had today weren’t really considered climbs by anyone in the biking community outside of me.  I actually had to get off the bike and push them up the last two hills.  The last one was especially eventful as there were several vehicles waiting for me to get over the crest so they could too.  The roads are narrow as hell, so they can’t swing wide without potentially doing a header into someone coming the other way.  I was too wiped out to get my leg over the saddle and head down the other side.  So, we endured several irritated drivers sharing their feeling with the crazy “once upon a time “He-Man, Master of the Universe”.  They were not amused.  And quite frankly I don’t blame ’em.  This is a land of survival, and so far I got a bit of catching up to do.

Not far to go now…no really!










Thankfully the rest of the way into San Ignacio was a downhill ride.  Regardless, by the time I got to the swanky (Dominic’s words) Desert Inn Hotel, I was done…baked…stick a flippin’ fork in me…done!  I sat on the steps of the majestic hotel (too expensive 700 pesos [including a continental breakfast]…$51 bucks) in the shade cooling off while Dominic rode into town proper and scouted it out.  It wasn’t too long after I heard the bicycle bell (love/hate relationship) indicating he was back.  Apparently a half mile further was suitable ‘cheap’ accommodations.

We got a room at the “Hotel Posada”, unpacked and crashed!  I briefly spoke to an nice American Lady, who I informed that I needed to lay down prior to falling face first on her flowers.

Not long after I roused myself and saw Dom was out.  I got all my dirty clothes together and rode to the local ‘lavanderia’ in order to get the squared away.  Another side trip to the local ‘mercado’ scored me with a 12 pack of cold cervezas.

Dom was still out when I got back so I sat outside in the shade and made short work of two cans of Pacifico.  They performed the miracles of transforming the day into a workable fashion of ‘rosy’.  Shortly thereafter I saw the nice American lady “Sava” (not her real name, but that’s another story).  We sat around drinking cold beer until Dom joined us a short time later.

We agreed to a slight trade, Sava would drive us around the community and we would buy here dinner.  I think she got the better part of the deal, but it was enjoyable all the same.

We went to “Rice and Beans” for dinner (soup and fried fish) and into the local square after.  Sava took us to a friend’s house…Juanita, a nice lady who’s done a great deal to make her slice of Baja particularly wonderful.  Afterwards it was to the center of town.  Dominic decided to walk back while Sava and I went to the ‘mercado’ (market) and I got some snacks for the next days ride along with a gallon of water and some ice.

I surprised myself by drinking over half a gallon of water…pee’d twice…hmmm perhaps a bit dehydrated??

I enjoyed the company of Sava’s cat, who apparently appreciates the company of men to women.  The door to our room was open and she jumped up on the bed, on my chest and made herself at home.

It wasn’t long after that the cat left, the mosquitoes came, and we shut the door.

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