Success…of a sorts

So this morning Will called and gave us his girlfriend’s Mom’s name and info in Guasave (just north of Culliacan). We went to the post office, but through much gesturing and using both Dom’s and my spanish, we learned that we couldn’t simply send the package(s) along their merry way. It seems that Baja is considered a “frontier” territory and as such any mail going to another state (in Mexico) or to another country has to be approved by a customs official. There are several reasons for this, but I won’t go into at the moment. However, all is not lost dear reader! I was anxious to lose the extra 20 pounds of weight. They did tell us we could forward the backpack and contents along to La Paz and they would hold it for me in general delivery. I could talk to an official in La Paz in order to mail the stuff back to the states and make another decision based on what we’ll find out.

So now that that bit of housekeeping is done it’s time to be on our way.

The morning started off pretty chilly and I wondered if I would warm up?  Duhhh!  Once the sun came out, yeah I warmed up…plenty!

Lots of desolate riding…think of riding from Vegas to Tonopah…or Alamo.  Either way you get the idea.

This poor bastard didn’t adhere to Camelbak’s “hydrate or die” policy!

It was flat riding all the way to Vizcaino…a couple of bumps on the road, but nothing a “he-man master of the universe” can’t handle (oh, how I’ll eat those words later).

We got into Vizcaino around 6pm and yeah, it got warm just fine.  Thanks Mom for your voice ringing in my ears to put on sunscreen.

We got a hotel just off the main drive, got cleaned up and hit a nearby taco stand for dinner (a couple of Baja state police were enjoying their dinner too and I took care of their check too…can’t hurt to make the local cops happy).

Needless to say, I slept well.  Knees weren’t hurting too badly either.

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