About Me

“Over the wall”.  That’s how my good friend Terry Leavitt put it.  He was a little mad that he was losing a good friend, but perhaps a bit more envious I was actually doing it.  Thankfully I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to begin a grand adventure.


  1. Mike,

    It was good talking with you just now. To say I’m jealous of the adventure your about to take would be an understatement. Maybe some day I keep saying, but I guess the only way to do something like this is just to decide to do it and plan it. Anyway, if the Soma + Freeload rack doesn’t work as you expect and are forced to take a look at something else, give me a buzz here at Bike Friday. We have lots of good touring solutions and we make it extremely easy to travel with our bikes, jump on planes trains or busses or just have small wheels for better climbing capability.

    I’ll keep an eye on your progress and look forward to seeing what adventures you encounter on your trip. Be safe, and enjoy a sunset or 200 for me 🙂

  2. Big Mike,

    Wish you well on your great adventure. I’ll be following your progress. Let’s have another margarita next time you get back to Vegas.

    Good Luck,

  3. Mike we are so excited for you to take on this adventure! We wish you a safe trip of your lifetime! May you be Bless by God for protection and strenght each day to take on the challenges! Wishing you fun and success! Maybe along the way one day I can catch up with you and enjoy the slow pace riding…
    Life is great! Blessings to you! Reggie & Michele Miller

  4. My husband Dan and I enjoyed talking with you as we all enjoyed our morning fruit and coffee in beautifal Calistoga Ca the other morning. Dan and Debbie Parris

    1. What a great time I had sharing your table. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t complain to the front desk about the early jack-hammering.

      1. 😉 That early jackhammering was pretty funny I must say.
        I was up early anyway ready to go have a up close and personal wine tour and tasting for my Birthday at Honig a true eco winery…So I was happy to have the jack hammers help wake the hubby up. Let us know if you will be comming into our arae on the way back and maybe we can meet up for a belly flop at Jelly Belly??…Or better yet Olive Oil made local. Be safe and continue the fun.

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