Hitching, lifts and other Godsends…

So we got a relatively early start today.  We hit the road at 8am.  I was feeling quite sluggish and can only contribute it to being out of shape, slept like shit (dogs barking, mosquitoes buzzing and head filled with a bit of dread) and didn’t really eat anything for breakfast.

Regardless we got out of town, and wouldn’t you know it…hills…friggin’ hills right off the bat (thank God no tequila).  As a side note, yesterday my front derailleur wouldn’t shift into first gear, so my hill climbing was done in second gear, so with Dom’s help I made some adjustments and got it to shift somewhat properly.

Apparently my mechanic skills need a bit more honing as I still couldn’t get the damn thing to shift until I got to the crest of the hill…..thanks a whole fukkin’ lot!

Anyway….the good news is I didn’t have to get off and push the damn bike today…although there were a couple moments when I thought the vein on my forehead was going to burst!

This bit of climb was complicated by the fact that the road we were on was under construction.  This means the already hilly climb had damn little traction under my tires.  Ah well, quit whining!  I made it to the top and told Dom I needed to stop for a moment.

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

Thankfully there was a little place at the top which sold quesadillas.  As we pulled in so did a pickup truck with Calf. plates.  I wobbled inside and the driver asked me where I was from?  I told him and he mentioned he was from L.A. on his way to Cabo with his wife.  That was all there was to it till Dom nodded towards him and mentioned that perhaps this was a good day to hitch a ride to our destination.  Didn’t take too long for me to make up my mind!

Thank God for small favors

We threw the bike, along with all of Dom’s gear in the bed of the truck and off we went.  Holy Shit Batman, this guy drives fast!  I decided to put my fate in God’s hands (funny for me to do), shut my eyes and let the world speed ahead at breakneck speed.

Not long after we pulled into Santa Rosalia.  As we rounded the last corner the air cooled and the Sea of Cortez pulled into view.  My host/driver pulled off to the side and obviously was ready to be rid of me (don’t get me wrong, this was a hellofa nice thing for him to have done and I appreciated it very much).

So here I am sitting on the side of the road with my bike, my gear, and all of Dom’s gear….WTF do I do now….well, I quit whining and load it all onto my bike.  Bungee cords are a wonderful thing!  I got everything loaded up and pushed the bike into town.  A short walk around the center of town confirmed my hotel and shortly thereafter I was enjoying a brief nap in air conditioned luxury!

I sent Dom an email (we both get via Kindle Keyboard) telling him where I was and it wasn’t too long after he showed up.  You should have seen his face when I told him I had everything loaded on my bike!!

Sitting in the square of our hotel updating the blog.










So here we are, lunch devoured and cervezes  downed…working on our respective blogs.

As we leave San Ignacio…this is the lagoon.


  1. Is that a white guy in the back of a pickup truck??? The natives must have been laughing their asses off:)

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