6 comments on “You Can Never Go Home Again…Or Can You??…04/08/13

  1. This is Dan and Debbie Parris from last summer at the inn in Calistoga..We had breakfast together and would like to send our thoughts and support to you and the family at this sad time.

  2. My condolences to you. Family’s loss. I believe Gene was so grateful to have you there by his side and reassured that another man would be there to take care of the woman he loves. Your story reminds us that there is something much bigger than to see the world… We might never know or find what it is we are looking for.. But we do know, that love is life, and that is ultimatly worth living by. Hardships are on every path… And how lucky some are to have loved others to share the journey with..

    I wish you and your Mom a wonderful spring season. A precious time of rebirth and hope. Keep riding, Mike.


    • Hi Marie,
      You’ve no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to put down your kind words. My Mom asked about you just the other day because I had mentioned I was concerned about you. Glad to hear you are continuing with your journey.

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