Mother’s Day & Warmshowers…05/12

What do these two subjects have in common?  I guess that’ll be the topic of today’s blog.

On Mother’s Day Mom and I enjoyed the afternoon watching a rendition of Monty Python’s “Spamalot”.  It was put on by the local community and I’ve got to say they did a great job of it (I saw the original put on in Vegas w/John Cleese).

Outside the local theater in Omak.
Outside the local theater in Omak.

We went to dinner at Whistlers in Tonasket.  We were just finishing up dinner when Mom pointed out six bicycle riders coming into town.  These guys looked like the were club riders since they weren’t carrying any gear, but it wasn’t too long before a support wagon showed up.  As they were loading up I saw a logo on the side of their van;

When we got home I got on their website and emailed them that if they were ever in the area and needed a place to stay etc…they should get hold of us.  Less than 15 minutes later the phone ran and “Chase” asked if we were serious about the offer.  I assured him we did and within the hour we had seven house guests (the six riders and the driver).

We got them fed and eventually they all got their turn at a shower ( is dedicated to giving bicycle tourists a place to stay and a warm shower).  They were a great group of kids riding for a good reason.  We were only too happy to give them a hand.

The Ride for Water group.  What a wonderful group of kids.
The Ride for Water group. What a wonderful group of kids.
A great send-off breakfast.
A great send-off breakfast.

And so we have begun hosting cyclists.  They are a great group of people who I have found have big hearts (and big appetites).  Mom really is enjoying meeting all these interesting folks.  I think it keeps her young, shoot, I think it keeps me young.


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