A Ride on Amtrak to Klamath Falls, Oops, Would You Believe Salem?…8/26

The idea was to take the train to the first stop where checked-baggage could be unloaded…Klamath Falls, OR.  The train ride through the night was fairly comfortable although clad in short sleeves and shorts I was a bit chilly.  Ah well, I’m still fairly well insulated and managed to get some sleep.

Drop dead gams!

When the sun came up I got to enjoy the views of northern California.  I haven’t spent much time in this neck of the woods and was sad that I wasn’t riding through it, but it was also clear that it was a good decision to take the train.  The following photo doesn’t do the issue of smoke justice.

Pretty, and pretty damned smoky.

We got to Klamath Falls only to find that the smoke was worse there than it had been in Chico.  I went to the tickmaster and extended my ride to Salem. So instead of my train ride stopping at 8am I was going to be on till 2pm.  The smoke didn’t leave us till we had crossed the mountains westward towards Salem.  I enjoyed breakfast on the train with two cousins from Iran.  One has been living here in the states for several years (Salem) while her cousin still lives in Tehran.  They were nice ladies who really enjoyed their french toast.  Our other tablemate was a rancher from Alturas, OR on his way to meet his wife in Portland for the weekend.

Arriving in Salem.

About an hour after arriving in Salem I got the bike and gear all together, then it was off to grab some chow and find a hotel.


  1. Hi Mike, trip sounds amazing except for the smoke.
    Really diggin your blog. You write in such a wonderful way a person can visualize the details of you journey. The pics help also.
    Be safe, talk to you sometime.

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