A Rest Day in Chico/Sacramento…8/25

The next morning Anne commented on the fact that we could smell the smoke from the forest fires burning further north up around Lassen National Park…exactly where I had been hoping to ride for the next several days.  She questioned the wisdom of my cycling there and mentioned the fact that I could take Amtrak past the areas affected by smoke.

Hmmm, take a train ride or bicycle through choking smoke…..All Aboard!

I turns out that I’d have to go to backtrack to Sacramento to get the train because they only allow baggage to be checked at certain locations and Sac was the closest one.  Thankfully one of their neighbor’s sons had been up from Sac to visit and would be leaving that afternoon.  I was able to throw my bike in the back of his truck and take the quick trip to Sacramento with him.  I offered to fill up his gas tank but he pointed out that he was coming through here anyway.  It really was very nice of him to give a complete stranger a ride to the Amtrak station.

Although the train wasn’t due to leave till midnight I decided to break the bike down.  Turns out to have been a good idea.  I got it out of the way and was able to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening wandering around the Old Sacramento area.  It was a nice place to hang out.  I even had time to watch the new Expendables 2 movie…don’t bother.

Sexy MF’er (as Prince would say). Waiting at the train station.

I made one tactical error…I packed away any warm clothing I had.  It got pretty damn cool while waiting for the train to arrive on the platform.  I did however manage to sleep a good bit on the train.

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