BrokenSpoken…Just what the hell is this all about??

It took me a while to come to grips with the idea of writing this blog.  And although this journey is decidedly a selfish act, it would be nothing compared to the selfishness I would feel not writing about it…after all, I’ve learned a great deal about bicycle touring from reading what others have written.

I decided upon and am glad I did.  I think it conveys both the potential of the bicycle adventure as well as my fairly poor grasp of the Spanish language.  I hope you’ll enjoy the time you take to look through this.

At this point it seems I’ll have a traveling companion; Dominic Luther.  Dom is from Great Britain.  He started bicycling in May with his sister Charlotte.  They began in Florida and made a big counterclockwise loop around the country.  I was fortunate enough to have hosted them as they came through Las Vegas.  Charlotte has broken off on her own set of adventures leaving Dom to his own devices.  He has chosen to continue his journey and has decided I’d make decent company…poor bastard!

The plan is to leave the U.S. at Tijuana, head south through Baja and cross to the mainland.  Left to my own I’d criss-cross a lot of central Mexico, but I’m not sure how this might change.  I hope to visit each country in Central/South America…I mean, why bother going if you’re going to puss out when it comes to traveling an extra few thousand miles (perhaps it helps to imagine the decision to bicycle to each state here in the U.S.)?

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