Over The Wall…More Than Just a Daydream

Timing…it’s all in the timing.  I started really considering this back in my 40’s but the timing wasn’t right…married, working, kids too young.  The one constant in life…change, has made it where the timing is right for me.

So the time has come to divest myself of, well, myself.  Not sure about others, but this has proven to be a bigger obstacle than I anticipated.   50 years of living has proven me to be more like my Father than I imagined.  It seems I have his trait of having multiple items of everything.  This means I have stuff…lots of stuff to get rid of.  Until I started this process I didn’t realize how much my stuff owned me instead of the other way around.  It’s been very liberating to start letting go.  It’s also been more difficult than you might imagine.  Sure, Craigslist and Ebay work, but it’s amazing how much effort is involved in selling off all this at a loss (see what I mean about stuff owning you?).  Its taken some time to get my arms around the whole mental process of letting go.

Rosa, my wonderful girlfriend, has just bought a condo and a lot of items have gone to her to help furnish her place.  My friend Paul is going to rent out my house.  I know it will be in good hands as he is the epitome of reliable.  A few things will stay with the house.  But that still leaves a lot of stuff to get rid of.  I’ll sell what I can, give away to those who can use and donate the rest.

My Sons; Ryan and Aaron, are both supportive of my adventure and somewhat understand I think.  My Mom and Brothers…well they’ve come to expect the unusual behavior from me.

“To want is to suffer” I believe is a Buddhist concept.  It does seem fitting.

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