Thieving POS… 11/29/12

It’s funny, I’ve been meaning to post something over the last week or so to let folks know what’s been going on, but instead it takes a low-life POS (piece of shit) scumbag asshole stealing our bikes to get me to do it.  Ah well…

Rosa and I have been riding our bikes just about every day on the beautiful River Mountain Trail…a 34 mile paved trail which winds its way through some spectacular desert scenery from Henderson to Boulder City and back again.  Rosa had made it up to over 20 miles.  Her riding skills have improved tremendously.

Unfortunately that has come to an end.  This morning I went down to get something from her Santa Fe and discovered some thieving bastard had cut the cable and stolen both bikes (I’ve got photos I was going to post, but given the day, it only makes sense that I’m having issues getting them to load).

I added up the cost of the bikes and was a bit surprised to see just how much I had invested in them.  I called Rosa’s insurance company so it remains to be seen what will be covered.  If there is a good side to this post its gotta be that they didn’t get my main bike…just my Gunnar…my favorite kick around town bike.  But really it’s Rosa I’m sad for.  She was really getting into the groove of riding and it showed.  Hopefully this won’t set us back too long.

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  1. Drats! So sorry to hear of this challenge and I hope the insurance company will be of help~ my own, only paid for the weight of the bike, not the cost of its replacement…hope your company is better! Let’s put the pictures out so that someone may recognize the bikes! Blessings, Ziva

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