Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig… 8/03 – ?

A few days after Aaron went back to Vegas I decided to work my way back to Mom & Gene’s in Tonasket.  I had the choice of taking either my POS or the newer one, but in good conscience I just couldn’t leave it parked in front of my brother’s for God knows how long.  So, I packed up POS and was on my way.

Once again I wanted to go a route I’d never taken before, so I went directly north with the intention of going as far as I could without crossing the border (they frown on firearms crossing the border).  I drove up towards Newport, WA (just across the state line from Priest River, ID…a beautiful area).  I came across a cow pen with something that caught my eye so I stopped for a pic.

Kinda hard to notice in this shot however….
It becomes quickly apparent that these cattle got an itch!

I gave a ride to a kid hitchhiking who was on his way to Newport.  He was on his way back home from Spokane.  This is something I probably wouldn’t have done in my former life, but I was glad to have done it.  Perhaps it has to do with receiving lifts from time to time as I rode…

I dropped him off and left a message with my nephew Nick, who works nearby in Priest River.  Unfortunately I could only leave him a message.  I grabbed a pretty good rendition of chicken fried steak and eggs at Audrey’s.  Several cups of coffee later and I was underway yet again.

My next stop was in Ione, WA…actually I stopped a few miles outside of Ione, at a farm right next to the Pend Oreille river (pronounced Pon-der-a).  I stopped at a farm to take a photo.  I’m afraid my rendition is a far cry at capturing the beauty of the sheer cliff walls I saw.

It’s too bad this doesn’t convey the beauty of the cliff wall hiding below the clouds.
Owner of the farm “Monte”.
A more distant shot of the same location. Love the clouds.

I was lucky enough to spot this old-timer, Monte, as I got to the farm.  He was kind enough to let me photograph the place and chatted with me for the better part of an hour.  I told Monte I would come visit him again after I got the POS running well enough to come over the pass from Tonasket.  He told me he’d have a pot of coffee waiting for me.  God I love meeting people.

My telling Monte I’d come back to visit once I got the POS running good wasn’t an idle comment.  I call it a POS for good reason.  It’s got over 300k miles and the power plant is worn out.  The valves and probably the top is in dire need of some tlc.  I’ll be getting this done over the course of the next six weeks or so.  I got a clear indication of how worn out it was as I went over Tiger pass.  I had to shift down to third to get over the pass.

So no doubt several of you are wondering why the POS.  Subaru’s ability to travel in snow is legendary.  I don’t believe in the disposable/discardable nature of the world and want to keep it running as long as it wants to.  I know other of you have different takes on this, but oddly enough I didn’t ask you your thoughts because this is mine.  No offense meant.

Howdy boys. There’s a new Sheriff in town, and his name’s Reggie Hammond. This will make sense to you movie buffs.
Ione’s Sheriff’s office and railway depot.
Crystal Falls…east of Colville, WA.

I got home without any fanfare.  Beautiful all the same.

The weather has held with highs in the high 70s.  The lows were evident in the mornings for a few days…

A chill in the air.
A clump of weeds never looked so regal as being frozen for my benefit.

Small town life isn’t for everyone, but anyone who knows me knows that although Las Vegas has been my home town for almost the last 36 years, it was never home.  The Okanogan valley has always had my heart and on this trip I really felt its pull.  It’s time to come home.

Homecoming parade for the Tonasket Tigers.

With that in mind I’ve found a place that’s going up for auction next month.  It’s 2.25 acres.  At first glance you wouldn’t give it a second glance.  But if it can be had at the right price it might be worthwhile.  Only time will tell.

A view from the rear of the property looking towards the road.
Not a helluva lot to look at, but the shell appears to be tight.

Only time will tell what it will auction off at.  I am however, ever hopeful.

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