Aaron Hits Town…Lets See How This Future Cat Rocks…9/28-9/30

So Rosa flew back to Vegas on Tues and my youngest son Aaron was due to fly up late Thurs night.  Why you ask?  A fair question indeed.  Aaron is a Senior in high school and is still deciding on which university to attend.  I knew he was interested in San Diego St and was surprised to hear he wanted to check out Wash State Univ…home of the Cougars…go Cougs!  Regardless I was happy to know he was coming up.

However, there is more drama to be had prior to his arrival….

Although I’d bonded with the beater POS(my generic reference to my new Subaru…the Roo) I figured it might be a good idea to take it to Rob @ Rob’s Automotive in Spokane Valley.  Wes has been going to him for years and trusts his judgement/ability.  That’s good enough for me.  I called Rob and warned him what I was up to.  It only took a cursory look for Rob to declare my car a heap and demanded its removal in order to keep his property values up.  Well, if I give it some thought perhaps there was more dialogue than that.

About this same time I had been looking for bike racks and came across exactly what I wanted…and guess what, it was mounted to the same model Subaru as mine except ten years newer and in a helluva lot better shape.  Did I mention he was selling the car too??  At a really good price?  Yep, I bought the racks…and the car too.

But getting back to Aaron…He flew in late Thurs evening and I was damn glad to see him.

We took off for our WSU campus tour the next morning and what a good tour we had.  The campus is beautiful and sizable to boot.  I think Aaron was suitably impressed.

He looks thrilled eh?

We spent the rest of the weekend kicking around Pullman, Greg & Jeannie’s house in Colton and down in Lewiston (love the smell of the paper mill!).  All in all it was a good time.

Found this cool old abandoned farmhouse along the 195 Hwy and snapped a couple of shots from the iPhone.

Sunday morning saw us heading over to Moscow to meet a Subaru enthusiast who agreed to look over my POS (did I mention Aaron drove the newer Roo while I drove the POS…it was a Roo caravan…breaker, breaker 1-9).  He pulled the plugs and put in a new set of NGKs and while doing so found one of the wires hadn’t been seated too well on one of the plugs as well as a pin-hole leak in the upper radiator hose.  After all was squared away we took off for Spokane via some back roads I’d never driven.  It was a great drive to Tekoa where we stopped for some chow.

Pretty uneventful.  I got Aaron to his flight on time and asked him to call me when he got back to Vegas.  He did, but it was with bad news.  His dog Cooper had to be put down earlier in the morning.  Coop had been a faithful companion to Aaron, Ryan and Paula for several years and I know his loss will be felt by all…but especially by Aaron.  Without doubt, he was Aaron’s dog.  It’s so easy to get attached to ’em. Via Con Dios Amigo.

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