You Can Never Go Home, Or Can You? Ridin’ w/Rosa,,,9/19-9/25

So although Rosa and I didn’t ride from Spokane to Tonasket, we did manage to ride every day.  Our rider were only 6-16 miles but they were all good rides and gave her a lot of confidence in herself which she didn’t have prior to starting.  Rosa had told me she had been close to canceling her trip out of fear of the ride, so taking these short daily rides was a good call.  We had a blast riding around the area.

One of her first climbs.

We’d had a pretty good time with Mom and Gene all week-long.  Riding during the days with little excursions here and there and evenings spent on the patio around the fire pit.

Another beautiful evening out….

Yet another morning ride in the Oakanogan Valley
Another bit of fauna watching over us…he kept us company over the course of a couple different days.

Since I’d gotten home I’d been giving more and more thought to not coming back to Vegas.  I’ve been in Vegas for the better part of 36 years, but it’s never been home to me.  Home is where the heart is…now I’ve just got to narrow the playing field.  I want to stay in the valley through most of the latter part of this year.

I decided it would be a good idea to find a decent ‘cheap’ beater to drive around when the weather turned cold, so I found an old Subaru in Wenatchee I wanted to look at.  This car lives up in every way to the description of ‘beater’.  Holy shit, I probably would have given the kid an extra $100 bucks if he’d taken the time to clean it up a bit.  I got the last laugh as I must have gotten at least $10 bucks in change from the interior….I mean I did get the last laugh….didn’t I????

I didn’t dare drive over 60mph….which was kind of a guess since the speedo/odo doesn’t actually work.  I’d go more into what doesn’t function but I don’t want to get the answer to my previous question.

The weekend rolled around and that brought Wes, Mikala, Brad and Kathy (son and daughter-in-law) over to spend a couple of days.  Kathy’s family lives about 40 miles away and raises Vizsla puppies.  Vizsla’s are generally considered to be a premier hunting dog.  Rosa and I accepted the offer to come meet them.

The area I grew up was (and still is) a major area for orchards…apples, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots and lately more and more grapes.

Nice peaches….er, ah, I mean pears of course.
Another view of the valley.

On Monday, Mom, Rosa and I drove up to Canada and decided to visit LaStella Winery.  None of us had been to this particular winery.  We enjoyed the tasting and picked up a couple of bottles…I’ll let you know how they are.

Mom and Rosa at LaStella Winery.

Tues came all too soon and it was time for Rosa to head back to Vegas.

I decided to take Rosa to Spokane in the beater (Wes had taken the truck over the weekend at my request).  We had a damn fun drive over stopping every now and again for photos…Grand Coulee Dam, my Dad’s gravesite etc…

Omak Lake…I’ll be fly fishing here soon.
A different point of view.
Lake Roosevelt near Grand Coulee.
Below Grand Coulee Dam.

It wasn’t long before Rosa was on her flight bound for Vegas.  I don’t think she wanted to leave.  I know I didn’t want her to….

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