Rest Days in CDA & Spokane 9/8-9/16

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…and more than a few have commented on it, sorry for taking so long!

I stayed in CDA for a couple of days.  The combination of a good inexpensive hotel combined with the local scenery prompted me to stick around.

Lake Coeur d’Alene…though not much of a photo

On Sunday I decided to call my brother Wes who lives in Spokane and give him a heads up that I’d be coming in.  He surprised me by saying they were only a few miles away in the pickup.  Never one to miss an opportunity I decided to take him up on his offer of a ride.  So it was that I arrived in Spokane not under my own power…I know, big surprise!

Rosa hadn’t been able to get the bike packed in time to have it shipped up and it turned out to be a good thing.  Having her bring it up via SW air only cost $50 as opposed to double that to ship it.  I love it when a plan comes together!

Regarding Rosa and the bike…I had been telling her that she would regret not having some saddle time, but I really couldn’t get after her too hard considering I had done the same thing prior to going to Mexico, so what could I say?  Wes told me that I could borrow his pickup, and drive us and the bikes to Tonasket if I didn’t think Rosa was up to riding there.

Prior to her arriving though I had some really good time with Wes, Mikala and their family (to include Max).

Max, Wes, the Spokane river and a tennis ball…need I say more? Come to think of it yes…Mikala sits in the background.

Finally Rosa arrived late Sunday night (actually early Monday morning).  It didn’t take long to realize there was no way she would be able to complete the ride to Tonasket and she agreed.  So the next morning we got the bike put together and headed off for a day of sightseeing in downtown Spokane.

Rosa and friends at Riverside Park.

The beautiful Spokane falls.

We set off for Tonasket Tues morning with the idea of getting home by late afternoon…well, that was the plan anyway.

Glad it was him and not me!
An all too familiar sight, but it was worthwhile!

I decided to take the more scenic route along Lake Roosevelt and over Sherman pass.  I think it’s the most beautiful route home.  Rosa thought it was pretty spectacular too.

Lake Roosevelt was created by building the Grand Coulee Dam. It’s a rather long lake going all the way up into Canada (though some may say it ends around Kettle Falls).
Another shot of Lake Roosevelt…oh and Rosa too.
Tall evergreens at Sherman Pass.

So with all the sightseeing we did it’s no surprise that we didn’t get to Mom and Gene’s till it was just about dark out.