Rest stop is over….Colton to Pullman and on to Garfield…9/6

Well, I certainly took my time at my big brother’s house.  I have to say that Greg, Jeannie, Tom and Taylor were very patient with me spending a week with them.  But like all family, as glad as you are when they get there they are equally glad to see you head out.  Now don’t get me wrong, we had a great time together, but just like leftovers in the fridge….well, you get the drift.

Anyway Thurs morning rolled around.  Jeannie and I had a good chat prior to her heading off for work.  She commented that it seemed I was searching for something in my riding.  She wasn’t critical about it, but was glad that it was me and not her.  I completely understand what she means…and she’s right.  Hard to say what I’m searching for since I’m not sure what it might be myself.  But I promise to let you all know when I find it.

Thankfully I managed to find (with Taylor’s help) a chiropractor in Pullman to set right what had gone wrong after my fall outside of Hood River, OR.  The good doctor managed to get most of me back into alignment and his massage therapist, Tia, helped get everything else settled into place.  It was a happy ending to my time in Pullman.

Getting back to Thurs morning….I had asked Rosa to send me up some longer metal stays for my rack, but the more I looked at it the more I realized it should work without changing them out.  So, while Tom got some much-needed sleep, I worked on my bike set-up and was able to get it all dialed in without the new stays (a little metal part that lengthens the distance of the rack from the mounting point), but don’t tell Rosa I didn’t wait for ’em.

Anyway, about the time I finished Tom roused himself and agreed to give me a ride to Pullman…hey I’ve seen the road between Colton and Pullman, I didn’t feel the need to ride it.  We had a good lunch in Pullman and then went to my brother’s work at McGregor’s.  Greg works out of this office once or twice a week, but the bulk is spent in Uniontown just south of his house in Colton.  For some odd reason they seem to like him around there….

I think the point of the photo was to showcase my ability to get a ride when desired…..HA!

So I actually started my ride just north of Pullman with my destination being either Palouse or Garfield…just north of Pullman.  These were little towns on a map that I had driven by countless times, but had never taken the time to actually visit.  With that in mind I set off.  The temp was great, warm without being hot.

Rolling fields of the “Palouse”….
Found in a shed just off the road to Palouse.
Massive powerplant

I got to Palouse and had a great visit with a couple from…well, she was from the “Palouse” (the “Palouse” is considered a large swath of land in southeastern WA usually connected with wheat, barley, soybeans or garbanzo bean farming) and he was from OK.  She commented that I was an inspiration for them…that response always throws me for a loop…

I went into the local tavern and learned they didn’t have a place to stay…although they did have cold beer!  I enjoyed two before realizing I better hit the road.

The following nine miles to Garfield had just enough hills to make me re-think my decision on leaving the tavern!  By the time I got to Garfield it was just getting dusk.  I found myself in Grumpy’s tavern (a common thread).  I enjoyed conversation and a couple of cold Oly’s (Olympia beer).  It was a damn site better than I remember!

I had left a couple of messages with a local B&B but hadn’t heard back from anyone.  Cell service is at a premium out here so I left a message using the tavern’s phone number.  An hour or so later Donna called from the B&B.  She apologized about the delay and let me know she’d be willing to forego the usual room rate for a “donation”.  I was on the bike in a flash (but I would be remiss to not mention the bar manager offered his semi tractor-trailer cab and “Tennessee”, a patron, offered his couch, just in case the B&B didn’t work out.  I used my bike lights for the first time on this trip and made my way to the McCroskey  House where I met Donna Gwinn.  She had a room ready for me and I must say I slept damn good…although the wireless was non-existent.

Late afternoon harvesting…
The weight of the world….God I know that feeling…no shit, I really do!
A meeting of the minds…almost done!

A shower finished off the day…damn it feels good not to stink too badly!


  1. I see you stayed at my first cousin Donna Gwinn’s B & B recently. I usually get to Garfield once a year in summer (but not this year) and stay with Donna. I see by a couple of photos that you are interested in old cars: did Donna take you out to see the old home place just outside of town on the road to Elberton? It is where her dad Willard used to live and where my grandparents raised my mother and her brother Willard. It is an overwhelming display of old (mainly junk) cars that surrounds the house.

    1. Hi Ralph,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I did stay at Donna’s and glad of it. And you’re right, I do enjoy old cars, machines…not that I have any idea how they work, but I appreciate what it takes for machinery to operate. Unfortunately I didn’t go to Elberton, but by the sound of it I might have to make a side trip.

      Thanks again,

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