A Rest Day in Hood River…What a Cool Town 8/30

I have to admit I was glad to have the sunshine in my eyes waking me up this morning.  I stretched while laying in bed and quickly recalled doing my best imitation on that old bag of cement.  What really surprised me was my knee (though banged up) was fine…it was my shoulders and right wrist that ached like hell.  Someone quick, call the Weeniehut General (those of you with Spongebob experience know what I’m talking about), ’cause I’m on the way!  Whiny Bastard!

I got up and put together a few blog posts and went across the street for some coffee and breakfast.  As I was sitting down with AAA map in hand, another man walked in, also with AAA map in hand.  We ended sitting together and enjoyed talking about our respective travels and adventures.  He lives in Thousand Oaks, CA and is taking a couple of weeks to explore the Pacific NW.  He was a lot of fun to talk to.

Mt. Adams (in Washington) as seen from Hood River, OR

I started to bicycle out of town and got about three miles when I realized I really did feel like crap.  I limped back into town and after checking the net, I found a transit bus which would take me to The Dalles, about 25 miles further down the road towards Pullman.  The local pickup point was in front of the Hood River Hotel. I propped my bike up against a lamppost using my Click-Stand.  I noticed a pretty young lady looking at me as I set it up.

I went in to the Hotel to confirm the bus pickup location and stopped by their bar for a beer as I waited (seems most places here have at least one, to several local beers on tap).  I went out to the patio where I could see the bike and the young lady, Ashley, struck up a conversation.  She works as a chef at a local restaurant.  We had an enjoyable time chatting.  She got up to leave and told me that if the bus didn’t work out she would be able to host me for the night.  A few minutes after she left the bus pulled up…and promptly left!  I guess the driver doesn’t stop unless someone wants off the bus or is standing right there.  Needless to say he didn’t see me wave him down.

Ah well…I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

Another couple sat down for breakfast.  They were in town to see their son.  It turns out their son, Pierce Louis, is the driving force behind http://www.dirthugger.com a local composting operation in The Dalles.  Some of you may know my keen interest in composting so again this was one of the serendipitous moments that I love.

Well, since the bus left me behind I decided to kick around town for a bit.  I ended up mailing off a bit more gear to Vegas, bought a fly fishing reel (more on that sometime later) and enjoyed the microbrew which had eluded me the previous evening.  It was fun to watch the boardsurfers/kitesurfers catching air in the river.  Very colorful and cool to watch.  Studs and studettes all!

Inside one of many board/sail shops in town.
Boards galore
The Hood River just east of town.

I stopped by Ashley’s restaurant to confirm she really wanted to host me for the evening and she assured me that her Grandparents had an extra room and would be more than happy to have me stay.  I love meeting people.  It was the end of yet another great day!









Mt. Hood

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