Onwards to Chico…8/24

First thing on the to-do list for the day was to send out emails to a few WS hosts and hope that one would respond to my last-minute request for a place to stay the night.  Nothing like giving them short notice.

The ride to Chico was an uneventful day of flat, warm temp riding through more agriculture.  I kept focused on what lay ahead…the Sierra Nevada Brewery!  I had been told it was worthwhile to attend the tour.  I arrived in time to take a tour, but I’d have to amuse myself for about 40 minutes.  Hey, they have a bar right?  I enjoyed three cold beers while awaiting the start of the tour.  Nothing like having a bit of a buzz prior to being told about how that good tasting beer was made.  The tour turned out to be very informative.  Sierra Nevada is apparently an industry leader when it comes to being “green”.  I particularly liked the fact they compost all their by-products.  Very cool.

Not long after I pedaled away I passed an Italian restaurant.  Something made me turn back and I’m glad I did.  I enjoyed one of the best Italian meals I’d had in years.  If you ever find yourself in Chico look up the Sicilian Cafe.  It was that good.

I had just finished eating when I got a phone call from Anne (I hope there’s an ‘e’ on the end)…one of my WS hosts.  She and her husband Len would be delighted to have me stay over. Thankfully they were not too far away.  As soon as I got there I got cleaned up and the three of us visited well into the night.  Anne is a mental health therapist and Len is an attorney.  Both were well spoken and a lot of fun to chat with.  Oh by the way lets not forget Ziva, their German Shepard.  She’s still a puppy and was determined that I should know that no one pays any attention to her….Ha!  What a love mooch!

Anne, Ziva and Len. Great WS hosts.

Anne is a long time rider who has been sidelined from riding because of some health issues, but she seems pretty determined to get back to it.  Len makes no bones about supporting her on her decision, but he’ll be driving the support rig and offer her a glass of wine when she finishes for the day.

They warned me that Ziva might come to visit me in the middle of the night, so I wasn’t too surprised when she nuzzled my face at O dark thirty.  I gave her some love and she wandered off to the hallway.

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