Clearlake to Williams…Damn I Don’t Like Hills!

No doubt Marty is going to read this and go “what hills is he talking about”…The hills between Clearlake and Williams.  The damn things just didn’t want to give up!  Thankfully for as busy of a road as it is, it was fairly good to ride.  It had recently been repaved.  The scenery wasn’t up to snuff because it had recently been the victim of wildfires.  Again, the photos don’t do it justice.





It was a pretty day out, a little bit of a headwind, and those damn hills!  As I got past the last hill beyond the junction with Hwy 16 I began a blissful descent.  There was a persistent haze over the area, due, I later found out, to the Ponderosa Fire burning between Chico and Lassen Nat’l forest.  Exactly where I’m hoping to go to.  Ah well…

I found a Motel 6…cheap and clean.  I wasn’t about to camp with the weather in the 90’s.  Not too far away there was Granzella’s…apparently a well-known landmark.  I enjoyed their chicken fried steak and Sierra beer on draught!  My waitress stopped in her tracks when she saw me.  She really gave me the up and down before pulling out her iPhone and showing me a picture of….me!  Honest to God, her boyfriend and I could be brothers…close brothers!  Poor bastard!  Hell she brought her co-workers around who all agreed as well.  Too funny!

As soon as I got checked in I jumped in the pool and got some sun…trying to even out the cyclist tan.


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  1. Hey Mike,
    I’m glad to see that you are back in action, but as your dermatologist I must advise you that “evening out your cyclist tan” is a no-no.
    Doc MacDaddy

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