Ahhh, How Bout’ no Steps…Lower Lake to Clearlake

After a good night’s sleep at Marty and Debs I thought I was ready to tackle the 45 miles to Williams…instead I stopped in Clearlake and got a hotel.  I started feeling like I had in Mexico when I got dehydrated and sick.  I didn’t want this to happen again.  After yesterday’s climb I decided to rest up.  I hit the market and sucked down plenty of Poweraid.

I was going to make use of the Travel Lodge hot tub, but even after an hour it failed to heat up.  The manager gave a lame explanation of why and I called him on it.

Ah well….gives me a chance to catch up with this last bit.

Early to bed and off again tomorrow.


  1. Hey Mike, sounds like your back on track. Livin the dream.
    However seems like good eats are a common theme in your posts…….I love it!
    You talked about taking the day off to rest and get hydrated……just something to think about…….I stay away from the power ade and gatorade as much as possible…….I have had much easier days in the heat drinking pedialyte…….the generic orange……yum! Keeps all that sugar out of you!

    now that your riding in the states, maybe us working types can catch up with you for a leg or two on vacations………am so impressed with what you have taken on……….

    Hardly deliver anything to your street anymore, seems a little strange after being there 8 days a week…..haha
    Take care

    now that your riding in the states, maybe us working typemigh
    t be able to hook up with you for leg our two on vacations

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