Las Vegas Turnaround

Well, this wasn’t exactly a planned event….I’m back in Las Vegas.

Rosa and I had been talking ever since we got to her Mom’s house and it became apparent that neither of us liked how things ended between us prior to me leaving.

So a spur of the moment airline trip later and I’m back in Vegas.  The trip is by no means over, just on hold for a bit.  No remorse on my part because this gives me the chance to sort out some gear issues as well.

I’ll be working on my Spanish both through Rosa (although she is self-admittedly a bad teacher) and with the software Dom gave me while we were riding together.

I’ll let you all know things as they unfold.


  1. Mike,
    I’ve been following the blog and I love it! Get back on that bike, man! Good luck in all your adventures, be safe and i wish you much happiness.
    -One Leg Chris

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