On Thursday night prior to the guys leaving we had part of Rosa’s extended family come over to visit.  Much Tecate fell in the ensuing onslaught.  Prior to them leaving, they commented that we should go out to the ranch over the weekend.  No particular plans, just that comment.  So since the guys hadn’t heard anything since they decided to push on to Mazatlan Saturday morning.

Early Sunday morning Beto and I went to the local street market.  Whoa!, talk about a combination garage sale on steroids and a farmer’s market.  There was literally everything for sale…all kinds of fruits and veggies, any type of meats and cheese, as well as new/used everything else.

This is one way of four different lanes of things for sale.
This is a vat of “Chicharones”….deep fried pork skin and damn are they good…perhaps not good for you, but damn!

Beto and I got back home about an hour or so later, but not before he picked up an order of “Cabeza” (head) tacos.  This is an early Sunday morning treat he picks up for his little girl …my god-daughter.  It was fun to be included in their special time.

I was a bit surprised when Akira, Mony, and their three sons showed up late Sunday morning to pick me up.  They were headed off to the ranchito.  I grabbed my camera and took off with them.

Chama’s Mom, Mony, Akira & Miriam in deep discussion. Of what?? How the hell should I know, they speak Spanish so fast…
Chama’s Mom and Brother get a goodbye gift from the neighbors…two roosters. They are being tied together at the feet. They take it in good stride, although I suppose there’s not a hellofalot they can do about it.
It’s obvious I’m under much duress!

I got dropped off in the early evening and needless to say had a pretty good time.

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