Pericos to Culiacan…and family

I had been interested to see Pericos as that is where Rosa had been born.  Hate to say it, but I was glad to get out of town.  It was the first town I had a bad feeling about…from just about the moment we rode into town.

The remainder of the ride was nothing special except for one small bit…as I was riding along I spotted a small cathedral on a hill and realized it was a village where Rosa and I had been invited to a big party when we had last visited her family in Culiacan.

I spotted a OXXO and went in to get some water when I spotted Dom and Pedro on the other side of the building.  I told them I knew where we were and I was going up the hill to see the cathedral.  Neither was too interested so I went up by myself.  It was a really nice blast from the past.  I had really good memories of our time there.

Inside the cathedral.

I emailed the above photo to Rosa and was surprised to finally get a response.  It made me smile even more than I was in the photo above.  We stopped by the house where we had the party but a neighbor confirmed that the family only came out on the weekends.

We continued on into Culiacan.  We all met each other at a Pemex station on the outskirts of town and rode in to town together.  The traffic was busy as hell, but we got through the center of town without too much trouble.  The same couldn’t be said for the remainder of the ride up to Rosa’s family’s house.  It is located on the hillside where all the TV/Radio transmitters are…yep, part of the highest part in town.

I’ll give Dom credit, as he was able to get up the stupidly steep part of the neighborhood hills.  Pedro and I both had to walk our bikes up and Pedro actually came back to help me out with mine.  Not fun….no joy…I’m just glad I didn’t stroke out!

We finally got to the top only to realize that we had gone too far and got to descend.  It was decidedly easier and I was glad to have those big 203 rotors stopping me.

Rosa’s sister-in-law Lorena met us at the door followed by my Granddaughter.  They both had big smiles on their faces.

Later in the afternoon all the men returned home from work, Rosa’s brothers, Luis, Chuy and Betto.  It was good to see them all.  They made room for us in Rosa’s Mom’s room (she’s currently in Denver visiting family).  Awfully nice of them to do so as it’s the only room with a/c.

After talking with all the members of family it turns out that no one really believed I was riding a bicycle.  Apparently they thought I was riding a motorcycle down.  Seeing is believing.

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  1. So glad to finally hear from you. I love the picture of you in the cathedral, looking good, son. And I’m so glad you heard from Rosa, I know that means a lot. I understand you’re still going to try to learn Spanish? Good luck. Hope all is well with you, love, Mom

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