Topolobampo to Guasave

So our start in mainland Mexico was a bit confused/herky-jerky….slow.  We got up soon enough, but our room didn’t have a wi-fi connection so Pedro

Pedro’s green….no make that blue, hair.  Sorry for the sideways shot, but can’t seem to correct it.

and I went to the office where the connection was good.  I went there with the intention of downloading a bike repair app on my iPhone, because once again my bike was giving me derailleur issues.  Well that turned into checking email, etc.  So about an hour or so passed by before I made it back to the room.

I fiddled with the bike a bit, but truly wasn’t sure if I was only making the problem worse.  Regardless, we got ourselves pretty much squared away, before deciding to get some breakfast.

Dom randomly picked a spot and it turned out to be a pretty good choice.  Breakfast was “Birria”.  A rather soupy affair of carne asada and broth served with fresh tortillas and sides of cilantro, onion, salsa, and a very thin guacamole spread which elevated the dish to damned delicious for breakfast!

Our hosts were three nice ladies who in between bringing us food were very busy giggling and carrying on.  Partly it was Pedro’s hair style/color and partly because one of them was wondering if I was “Papa” to these two.  She was mortified when her co-worker asked us.  I’ve never seen a grown woman so glad to get up from the table and run to a grill in order to hide her face from blushing and smiling.

This would be the ever blushing/smiling “Chiayto Solis”. She was a lot of fun to tease.

The next stop was at the local “oficina de correos” or, post office.  I still was lugging around the backpack containing all the items I had taken out of my bags in order to lighten the load and was looking forward to getting it sent back to the states…unfortunately the office was closed.  Because we had gotten behind schedule it was decided to push on to Los Mochis and hope that we could mail from a much larger branch.  Thankfully it was only 24k away and was a flat ride the whole time.

We got there around 2pm and finally located the place.  It wasn’t long before Dom and I stood at the counter while the postmaster went though all the items in the bag.  Of course the first item he removed was my brand new machete.  He let me know that it would not be making the trip.  There were several raised eyebrows at the sight of it being pulled out of the backpack.  We assured them it was merely a camping tool and not to be used for what was going on in their minds!

Thankfully the rest went off without a hitch.  He found a suitable box and got it nicely packed.  A few hundred pesos later and I was given a confirmation number to let me check on its progress home…which should only take about 15 days to get to Vegas…fine by me.

The order of business was to find a bicycle shop.  We found a few, but none had a competent mechanic and we were pointed in the direction of Kiko’s Bici shop.  Dom commented that he had read a blog about the shop and it had a good reputation.  He knew of the shop because there were posters/photos around of the owner’s daughter who is a competitive rider competing for the Mexican international team.

“Frany”, the owner’s daughter….she was smitten with Dom since he is from Manchester and she competed there.
Brothers, Carlos and “Kiko”. Carlos is visiting from Veracruz, Veracruz. Hopefully I’ll see him in the future.

It wasn’t long before Francisco “Kiko” declared my bike to be adjusted properly…time will tell.  Pedro had him check a couple of issues on his bike as well.  They also gave us directions to a good seafood place a few blocks away…and they were right.  The food was delicious with the standout being a plate of overly large looking scallops, but they weren’t scallops…more like abalone.  It was served raw, with lime, onions and garlic and was delicious!

Since we were close to the freeway taking us southbound to Culiacan we decided to find a place to stay nearby instead of heading back to downtown.  We found a place a short ride down the freeway and prior to getting there spoke to a really nice family who was closing up their business for the day.  The offered to let us use the grounds after they left for the night if we didn’t like the hotel.  They were incredibly friendly and we appreciated their offer.  However, a/c, a shower and a OXXO” (think 7-11) nearby was all it took to convince us we made the right choice with the hotel….oh, the OXXO sells cold Tecate beer!

Darned nice family more than willing to help us out.

We made up for yesterday’s late start by getting up and on the road by 7:30.  Thankfully for me the riding was again flat, giving me the chance to get prepared for the things to come.  We had a 54k ride towards Guasave.  This is all farmland, a nice change from arid Baja.

These aren’t Kansas and Nebraska cornfields, but they are pretty good size.
There’s probably another 10 goats hiding in the reeds…this is about 30 feet away from the freeway. Ya gotta love it.
This business was just up the road from a great big Monsanto plant (wonder where they do their genetic corn testing…). Lots of these agri-businesses in the area.
I’ve got to believe this is a corn elevator. There were corncobs all over the road as we rode…lol

My butt was getting tired….just couldn’t seem to find a good spot for it on the saddle, so I was awfully glad to see the sign telling me we weren’t too far away from town.

Cold brew here I come.
A long string of busses….believe me, this photo doesn’t do justice to the amount of busses along the road.

As we arrived we were met with a couple of kilometers of busses.  Apparently one of the Presidential candidates were speaking and people were brought from all over to attend.

We had just gotten into town when a kid…along with his kid brother, joined us on their moped.  They turned out to be quite the tour guides for us…they found us a cheap hotel, Banamex (Citibank’s sister bank in Mexico), and our place for lunch.

Braulio and his little brother.

Our guide joined us for lunch and a good thing too.  I ordered the special, was I surprised when she came with a plate loaded with three double tacos.  I could only eat one, Dom one, and Braulio ate the last one…he swore he’d just eaten, but he managed pretty well.

Braulio guided us back to the hotel and gave Dom his cell number.  He said if there was anything else we needed later to just give him a call….what a hustler, but in a good way.

All three of us crashed as soon as we got in the room.  Who knows what this evening holds in store for us?


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