The Demise of a Marathon Racer…

So we started from Santa Rosalia after a good night’s sleep and of course the first thing we did….climb out of town.  Oh by the way, have I mentioned that the roads in Baja have been pretty decent?  It’s true, however the same cannot be said of the roads in most of the towns.  It seems the federal government has been working on the quality of the roads in Baja and it shows, unfortunately the local municipalities must not have the money and the road work shows it.  Cobblestones don’t have anything on the roads in these towns.

Anyway, getting a late start overrides any benefit of a good night’s sleep.  We were about 2/3rds of the way to Mulege when a little oasis popped up on the radar screen.  I sucked down a gallon of water and tried to rehydrate as Dom and I shared a few moments with our two new friends.

Two roadside angels….water is a wonderful thing.


Somehow I managed to convince myself to swing a leg over and continue on.  It wasn’t too far down the road that Dom told me he was getting a headache from the sun.  He told me he was going to continue on at a bit higher pace and was going to meet me in town.

The two guys we had just left said that there were a few hills followed by a decent into Mulege…they lied….the bastards!  It’s funny how people who aren’t bicyclists have a different view from me about roads…that goes for Dom as well.  They forget that I’ve yet to get my sea-legs…so to speak.

Anyway, many ‘hills’ later (some having been pushed up) I was on the descent into Mulege and none too soon.  By the time I got there I was spent.  I was so finished.

I pulled up and started sucking down water and pouring it over my head in an attempt to cool off.  All of a sudden “Bam”.  My rear tire had blown up!  Apparently the heat must have expanded to a degree that the tube/tire couldn’t stand.  This would be my Schwalbe “Marathon Racer”.

Hard to see, but that’s a lot of salt!
All good things must come to an end…


  1. Hey Man, I’m heading down to Mexico this week. Let me know when your in Tapalpa, Jalilsco and we’ll grab a drink. Stay Safe

      1. We won’t get there till mid July? Kinda depends on what we do along the way. Tell em to watch for the three gringo.bicycists

    1. Thanks for the support Joede! I think of you every time I get a cup of Java….like today in Ciudad Constitucion before I ate dinner. I spoke to a guy from L.A. (looked just like Huggy in “Big Trouble”) and his friend…she was cute and from Chile. They turned me on to a great taco stand…cost me a whole 100 pesos.

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