And away we go….

So yesterday morning I got the last of the things off to donations right before Terry Leavitt (that great American) picked me up to take me to the border.  It was a fairly uneventful drive down to San Diego (but not before meeting two beautiful eyed workers @ Chocolate & Spice…had to have a bite to eat of course).

Go figure…this place just opens as I leave town!
Unbelievably beautiful eyes!

Terry dropped me off with Rosa’s son Will.  Will lives in S.D. and knows TJ like the back of his hand.  So we off loaded the bike and gear from Terry’s SUV into Will’s Civic hatchback…a tight fit.

Terry “the Great American” Leavitt and Will loading the bike into Will’s hatchback.
Stuffed to the gills!

We did a quick money conversion (no more dollars for me) and breezed through the border….as a matter of fact we breezed through without stopping at immigration and getting my visa…ah well, it’ll give me something to do in La Paz. Whoops!

Got to TelCel and got my iPhone up and running.  Last stop…the bus to Guerrero Negro where Dominic awaits.  We got to the station at 5:40p and the bus leaves at 6p.

Oh boy….a 12 hour bus ride!

Will goes to the ticket counter and tells me they don’t want to take a bike, however they are willing to look it over…a well placed 100pesos later and the bike and gear are okay’d to go.  The bus ride was a long 12 hours…made longer by the way the seat tilted forward constantly trying to dump me out on the floor so my foot was used to prop against the seat in front to resist the urge.

Needless to say I didn’t get much of anything close to sleep, however the young kid in the seat next to me did…after he threw up on my leg.  Ah yes the joys of public transportation.  It’s all good.

We pulled into Guerrero Negro right on time and I see Dom sitting with a big grin on his face.

We’ve gone through my gear (Dom wants to know if I actually sold anything or brought it all), gotten all his gear to him and re-packed it.  This will no doubt be done numerous more times trying to get it right.

We’re off to get some food and then ride 40 miles to Vizcaiano.  God’s speed I hope.

This is our first place chowing down together in Mexico


  1. Hi mike!!or should i call you Miguel?? I´am christian from the hotel you stayed in Guerrero Negro i just want to wish you good luck in your big big adventure to Vizcaino lol kidding sir anyway ill be checking your blog until Argentina so keep strong. P.S. I´ll be waiting the video where the hell is Dominic and Mike with the childish goofy dance of you both, give my best to Dominic.

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