Things happen for a reason…

That’s my mantra, I tell myself probably 20 times a day.  I say it right after I thank God for letting me wake up and I say it right before bed.  I guess I say it to help myself believe it.

I wouldn’t have changed going home to visit family for anything, but it had me spinning when I got back trying to tie up all the loose ends (and believe me, there were far too many).  As it turns out this disaster has forced me to slow down, take things in stride, pick up the pieces and move on.

I’m more confident about leaving than I was before, I’m more prepared and have given things more thought than I’d been able to prior.

My bike is prepped (a couple of small things remain), my gear is almost dialed in (at least until I begin to ride) and my mind is mostly right…mostly.

Living in the house, since they pulled out all the dryers and fans, has been a study in quiet.  I’ve taken to keeping it that way with the occasional outbursts of music while working on the bikes.  I hear the lives of others going on around me and realize that I never really paid attention to them before.  It has caused me to smile and look inward a bit.

So I’ll leave you with a couple pics of the house as it stands now.

My workspace

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  1. Hey docsurf, just a note to let you know that all is well here in Las Vegas and best wishes for your new life south of the border.

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