Happy Easter

So today is my last day up here in the Pacific Northwest and I’ll be spending Easter with family.

Just a quick update since I last made an entry.  I left Colton to go to Spokane and spend some time with Wes & Mikala and family.  I stayed with them and thoroughly enjoyed kicking around Spokane.

A few months prior I bought a bicycle off of shopgoodwill.com.  The intention was to have a bike to work on after I went to school at UBI (unfortunately time ran out and I wasn’t able to attend).  So with much enthusiasm, and damn little talent, I tore into this Scott MTB…which btw is far too small for me to even think about riding.  A short time later I managed to completely un-true the wheels and had no clue to fix ’em.  Ah well….

I took off on Monday to Mom’s and went over Sherman Pass.  Glad the road was clear!









I asked Tom to bring my old Schwinn up from Colton so I’d have a bike to ride while at Tonasket.  It was a good move and I made a couple rides of 12 miles each.  It gave me a chance to realize that my knees hurt because I’m outta shape and don’t have near the saddle time I should.  Again, ah well…

We left for Spokane on Friday morning for a family reunion/Mom’s birthday thoughout the weekend.  Mom had reserved a 3br condo out in Spokane valley for us all to meet at.

On the way I stopped by Electric City (just outside Grand Coulee) to see my Grandparents house.  I can’t begin to tell you the amount of good memories that came from this little corner of the world.  Suffice to say there were many and I cherish them all.

I made a quick stop at the cemetery where Dad and my Grandparents are buried and said my goodbyes to them.  On the entire drive I had sunny top-down driving, albiet with clouds in the sky.  Unfortunately that all changed when I got into Spokane.  It began to spit snow, then big corn snow (like hail, but not frozen) and then really heavy wet snow!  The Beemer was not amused when I attempted to change lanes…hell I was glad I didn’t go skidding across the lanes!

Anyway we’ve had a great weekend and I got to see so much of my family all together at once.  So I hope all of you reading have as wonderful of an Easter as I’ve had.

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