Bike Ride from Colton to Orofino…or Jinxed??

The plan was for Wojciech (Checkers) and I to ride to Orofino, ID today.  When I woke up the day was miserable looking outside, but still rideable.  That all changed the moment I heard Checkers footsteps on the stairs.  The wind picked up considerably and it started to spit out hail.  By the time he got to the top of the stairs it was in full blown foul weather mode.

No riding in this...

We decided to wait it out a while and was glad we did.  I can’t say that the sun began to shine, but the rain let up and we pulled out around 10:30.  We rode the two miles to Greg’s work and Greg introduced Checkers to everyone.  A short time later we were back on the road and before I knew it were at the top of the Lewiston grade.  We were going to take the old highway since it is rarely traveled and would probably be a bit slower going down than the new route.

The road down into Lewiston

The following 40 miles were a combination of thunder, lightning, rain and headwinds…you know, all the things that make a bike ride so fun!  Checkers was truly surprised at how well I started and how woefully out of shape I ended up being.  The last four miles into the center of the city took me almost an hour to complete….whoever the hell thought it was a good idea to place the sign “Welcome to Orofino” four miles out of the center of town should come ride with me for a day.  OMG was my ass, shoulders, heart, hair etc…hurting by the time we got to the Best Western.  I should mention kudos to this hotel.  This was by far the best Best Western I’d stayed in.

We made use of the spa prior to heading out in search of something to eat which turned out to be a tactical mistake.  Everything except the rather bad pizza parlor was closed…ah well.

Checkers asked me throughout the ride if i was having a good time.  It was painfully obvious that I was in distress, but I truthfully told him that I hadn’t felt this alive in quite some time.

Believe me...this is a loaded down touring bike!

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