Seattle to Colton…biggest Brother’s house

Wojciech and I said our good-byes to Bob & Deanna and headed off to Colton, but first we had stops to make.  REI (once again) was on the agenda.  I wanted to return my Garmin Oregon 450.  It works well, but devours batteries (I went through a four pack of new AAs yesterday while in downtown Seattle).  I fiddled with it quite a bit, but still I don’t think it should consume that much.  Wojciech said I should consider the Garmin 800 model (the one he lost at my place in Vegas).  Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock.

We went to the grocery store next door and were surprised to see Bob as we hit the checkout counter.  Too funny….I mean really, what’s the chances of that?

While driving through the mountains I commented that the scenery would be vastly different on the eastern side of the Cascades.  Honestly I had forgotten just how drastic the change is.  As we dropped out of the heavily forested mountains we saw laid out in front of us rolling hills barren of trees.  Just like that…gone.  As always I am amazed at the varied scenery Washington state has to offer.

Our next stop was in Dayton.  Prior to us knowing we would be meeting up, Wojciech had ordered up a rain cover for his handlebar bag and had it shipped to the post office in Dayton.  He chose Dayton since there was a WS host listed.  Anyway…we made it to the post office in time.  There was the Arkel package sitting right there on the counter.  The nice lady told us she was just getting ready to ship it back.  Turns out Arkel didn’t put ‘general delivery’ on the package.  Once again, timing is everything.

We got to Greg & Jeannie’s and I was surprised to see Tommy’s pickup parked out front.  Turns out the truck was there, but not Tommy.  He and his girlfriend “whatshername” (Taylor) were down in Vegas for a few days.  I guess timing works both ways…

It was a wonderful night with Wojciech sharing tales of his travels, along with a couple glasses of vino.

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