Just what the hell do you do in Colton??

Well, it turns out you work on your bike!  When Brett and I replaced the front fork of the Schwinn with a threadless unit there wasn’t a whole lot of fork tube sticking out the top of the head tube.  We were able to install the stem, but only one of the two bolts was catching any of the fork.  I needed a longer fork.

Welcome to the wonderful folks at McGregor’s.  Greg has worked for the company for quite a few years and was confident they would be able to assist in fabbing up a solution to the problem.  Greg introduced me to Jeremy, Chance, and Bart.  Once they got over the initial shock of what I had planned, they got down to the business of figuring the best way to solve the problem.  Greg and I went to Lewiston, ID to pick up a few things while Jeremy worked his metal magic.

One of the items we picked up was some Fat Tire Ale.  Greg thought it was only fitting since work was being done on a bicycle.  I had to agree.

Upon our return I found a fork that was longer by about four inches.  Jeremy had decided to cut the fork near the center and weld in a new section.  His logic seemed pretty sound.  The fix was kept within the head tube and we didn’t have to modify anything else to make it work.  I need to mention that big brother did some metal work on my bike as well.  I needed a brace for my rear rack and he put together one which should work quite well.

Some spacers from B&L bicycles in Pullman (what an incredible shop) pulled the whole thing together.  I took it for a test spin and everything seemed to be in order.  I took the time to mount the GoPro HD camcorder on the front fork so when we go down the Lewiston grade tomorrow we should get some pretty good video.

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