Portland to Seattle

Prior to us crashing for the night Wojciech got a phone call from Tom at Renovo.  Tom originally wanted us to bring the wood to the bike show and drop it off.  Thankfully he gave it some more thought and said it made more sense to have us meet him in the morning at the shop since he and Ken would need to pick up some things prior to the show.

Ken didn’t really realize why I was so anxious to drop it off until he saw that I’d been carrying it in the backseat of my BMW convertible.  I asked Ken about the terms of payment for a bike and he said perhaps we could work something out involving the BMW!  Funny how things work out.  He said we’d talk further at the show.

Tom told us there was a place called Junior’s around the corner which served up a pretty good breakfast.  He was right.  It was a quaint little spot with a really good crew.  If you’re ever in downtown Portland I highly recommend it.

Junior's for breakfast...good food, great service










We checked out of the motel and went to the bike show.  It was a great time.  We saw a ton of cool items and Wojciech was able to meet up with one of his NYC bicycle teammates who was visiting Portland…not to mention he had a chance to practice his Polish with a real cutie working one of the booths!  Lucky Bastard!

Marta & Wojciech (aka; Checkers)










Checkers & teammate Norm

While walking around the show I spoke to my Uncle Bob about us coming up to Seattle to visit.  He just wanted to know what time we’d be getting in.

Bob and Deanna made phone calls to Angel and Kass (my cousins) to join us for dinner.  Shortly thereafter Kass showed up followed by Angel, her husband Charles and their son Grant.  Off we went to eat at El Toreador…a familiar stomping ground for the family.  It was a great meal with damn fine company…and we all enjoyed Angel’s comment about her definition of what a denominator is for me (inside joke!).

and don't forget Aunt Deanna
Checkers & Uncle Bob...

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