On the way to the Great Northwest…Reno first

I was set to leave Tuesday morning for my first leg to Reno…well perhaps I wasn’t too set.  I had stayed the night at Rosa’s condo and went to the house early with the idea of getting out no later than 10am.  Ahh, the best laid plans…

It wasn’t long before I was moving ‘stuff’ all around the house, now mind you, none of this had anything to do with my trip that morning, but it was doings that needed done.  Don’t mention the fact that it should have been done much earlier in the week/month…but I digress.  Needless to say I didn’t get packed and on the road till 11am.

My little BMW convertible was packed to the gills with two suitcases of clothes.  Don’t forget, I’m living out of them for the next three weeks and am hoping to leave them with family so I can not bother with bringing clothes in the future (it remains to see how practical this will work out, but I prefer doing this to just giving away more ‘stuff’ to donations).  Along with the suitcases are; a semi-full case of wine for my big brother Greg, a travel bag overflowing with things I might bring on the bicycle trip, racks/bags for the tandem (I’m still wondering why the hell I brought them), the Co-Motion tandem, and the Schwinn I’ll use while I’m at home.

So finally I’m on the road…top down, sun out……glorious.

Beats workin' for a livin'

A short nap, by the roadside, a cigar and several gas stops finally gets me to my destination in Reno.

I’m staying with Glee, my very first Warmshowers host.  I’ve hosted several people through WS, but this is my first opportunity to try it out as a guest.  Glee is everything I could ask for; patient (didn’t get there till 8pm), a good cook (freshly baked Naan bread and vegetarian Chili Verde green chili) and extremely well traveled.  Glee has been all over the world and had a knowledge base to match.  I look forward to getting to that point as well.  She had invited friends over for dinner as well; Bruce & his wife Leonie.  They are from Australia and are quite well traveled too.  All three are avid bicyclists.

Bruce, Leonie & Glee

It wasn’t too long before everyone said their goodbyes and I was off to bed.

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