Off to Eugene

After a great nights sleep and a very healthy breakfast with Glee, it was time to push onward to Eugene, OR.

I was going to Eugene in order to drop off my Co-Motion tandem.  I picked this tandem up with the intention of the boys using it if they ever wanted to join me in my travels (somewhat debatable at this point).  The bike looks to be made in the early 90’s although I couldn’t find a serial number anywhere on the frame.  I was hoping to have the factory do some updates to the bike (more on that later on).

I took the 395 to the 139 to the 58.  Well that’s pretty damn descriptive huh?  I had never driven the 395 out of Reno and was somewhat surprised by the climb into the mountains (I had put the top up btw…it had gotten pretty nasty looking out and I didn’t want to mess around with the top in the rain).  The drive to Susanville, CA was pleasant, but unremarkable.  The 139 was a really fun road to drive even though it would have been more fun on a motorcycle.  It started to get really fun as I was nearing the turnoff to the 58 up near the area of Crater Lake, OR.  It started to snow….and snow.

Just love driving in the snow...

It had been a loooooong time since I’d driven in the snow.  Thankfully the roads were clear as snowplows were running back and forth.  The car ran through it all without a fuss, but the heater wasn’t keeping up with the chill as it got down to 30 degrees.

It wasn’t too long before I got to my second time staying with a WS host.  I had the pleasure of spending the night with Kirby & Rebecca.  I had brought in my suitcases and we were off to eat dinner.  Pizza was on the menu and they took me out for the best pie I’ve had in a long time…maybe the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Rebecca & Kirby...and their marvelous trikes!

Once home I was going to work on the blog only to find that my brand new Apple MacBook Air wouldn’t load.  Arrrghhh!  This is my first foray into Apple computers and it wasn’t off to a good start.

The next morning it was time to go to Co-Motion.  They were a great group and I had a chance to meet Brian (in sales) and Dwan (the owner).  I had contacted the both previously over emails and phone calls so it was nice to put a face to a name.  Dwan confirmed that my bike had been built in the early 90’s but he didn’t find a serial number either.  We spoke about what needed to be updated and the associated cost.  After much discussion it seems that it might be more cost-effective to buy a new bike rather than have mine updated.  They’ve got a 2010 Mocha model in my size with the S&S couplers at an attractive price.  I could sell my existing tandem to help offset the cost…we’ll see.

My next stop was at REI.  I had previously bought a Garmin Oregon 450 and decided to get the CityNavigator maps.  The Garmin without it wasn’t too useful for this trip without it, so this will give me an opportunity to use it and get some much needed experience.

The last stop in Eugene was at the local Apple store to get my laptop squared away.  Well it sounded good in theory anyway…he couldn’t fix it and told me I should stop at the main Apple store in Portland.  The Apple store was in a mall and I happened to see a photo shop right before I walked out the door.  I stopped in and asked about the Sony NEX7.  He turned around to the back counter and grabbed a box…there it was the long lusted after camera.  The store had a great price on it and I snatched it up.

Then it was back on the road with Portland being the next stop.  Not only was I going to be visiting the Apple store, I was planning on going to Renovo.  Renovo is a custom bicycle builder who builds his frames from various hardwoods.  The are functional works of art.  I had spoken with him prior to leaving Vegas and had discussed the possibility of incorporating some Black Walnut salvaged last year from Mom and Gene’s farm in Washington.  The tree had been planted not too long after we moved to Tonasket back in ’65.  It had been cut down for a few years and I had asked Gene to salvage the stump for me.  I got some very useable slabs and had them packed in the backseat for Renovo to use.

I had been in contact with my former WS guest Wojciech Plata.  Wojciech was waiting for me in Portland and we would be travelling companions for a bit.  Wojciech had been the one to introduce me to Renovo and was there at the factory.  He said the shop was closing early since they were getting ready for the Portland bike show the next day.  I told him to meet me at the REI in Portland and we’d go to Apple afterwards.

We met streetside in front of REI and after much shuffling of items we were able to load his bike on the rack (thank God my tandem was still with Co-Motion).  We ended up placing his BOB trailer across the trunk/bike rack and went to a nearby Motel 6.  Thankfully it wasn’t too far away and the trailer never budged.  I wish I had gotten a couple of pics of it cause it was a sight to see.

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